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Recorded in the spring of 2012 in 'The Shack' nestled on the banks of the Chateauguay river in Ormstown Qc. The idea was to create a live, organic sounding album. So with a few overhead mics and some rudimentary baffling, we performed together and allowed John our producer to capture the live sound we were aiming for. Carl Rufh summed up the album beautifully by stating as follows... "One time, a tomato plant grew right out of a crack in the pavement. A seed lodged itself there from a fallen sandwich. Sometimes, things happen all by themselves. The stars lined up at this time and space for this particular group of people to converge and this recording was created in the spirit of co-operation and generosity that runs deep in the Chateauguay river valley. We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of all those who helped make this project possible-the Poets.

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