Durham County Poets

Blues, Roots, Soul

Durham County Poets grew out of the lively music scene in Ormstown. The five seasoned musicians, all of whom are also songwriters, manage to work together individually and collaboratively in composing their music. Delving into various styles and genres, their musical influences include a broad range of artists from The Band to Dire Straits and James Taylor to Muddy Waters. They have managed to weave it all together to create their own musical style.

As Nate Dow from the Fallout Shelter in Massachusetts said, “Lead singer Kevin Harvey and his band are sonic shapeshifters of the first order. Whether it’s blues, folk, soul, country, gospel or New
Orleans swing, they purvey it with skill, aplomb and pure honesty.”

The obvious joie-de-vivre they express in performance is reflected in the excellent time feel the band creates, captivating audiences consistently since their inception in 2011.




  • 2022 Maple Blues Awards: Male Vocalist of the Year (Kevin Harvey)
  • 2022 #4 on the Penguin Eggs/Roots Music Canada 2022 Critics’ Album of the Year list: Out of the Woods 
  • 2021 Maple Blues Awards: Best Producer Recording (Bill Garrett) Hand me down Blues
  • 2021 Maple Blues Awards: Best songwriter (Kevin Harvey)
  • 2020 JUNO Awards: Blues Album of the Year 
  • 2020 Maple Blues Awards: Recording/Producer of the Year (Bill Garrett) & Songwriter of the Year (Kevin Harvey) 
  • 2020 Canadian Folk Music Awards: Traditional Singer of the Year (Kevin Harvey) 
  • 2019 Maple Blues Awards: New Group of the Year


The arts aren’t just the turn of a phrase, reaching for a note, digging deep within or discovering the majesty of a brush. It's a way of life—a higher calling. For many, the most spiritual moments in life - other than life itself - occur not necessarily in a house of worship (whatever gets you through the night) but in a house of blues. For these artists, creating and performing music during the darkness of a worldwide years-long pandemic might be their highest calling yet. The musicianship, as always, is top-notch. But at its core are the warm, soulful vocals of Kevin Harvey. He's a Canadian treasure. So, play this loud. Shake your blues away. Let the Durham County Poets take you higher and soothe your soul. Mitch Melnick Billy Bob Productions


Durham County Poets' newest album, "Out of the Woods," has been chosen as one of the top 40 blues albums of the year by Blues Blues. Out of the 808 singles and 405 albums that were submitted to us in 2022, we had the difficult task of narrowing them down to our top 40.




Out of the Woods

Durham County Poets

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Press / Reviews

“From the rock n roll vibe of ‘Mean Old Dog’ to the sultry undertones of ‘Love’s Got a Hold on Me,’ there is something for everyone on this record which is eclectic in nature.” -

“There is a lot of good music coming out of Canada at the moment, and Durham County Poets are riding that wave. ” -

“The Durham County Poets are more than just a blues band. They are a collective of talented artists, each well versed in their own field, who combine their influences and styles to create a single cohesive unit capable of some amazing music.” - Terry Parsons

— Toronto blues society

“Durham County Poets have delivered a cracking album with 'Out Of The Woods', full of wonderfully tight ensemble playing, clever arrangements, strong songs, great recording values and a palpable sense of fun. Thoroughly recommended. Paul Jackson” - Paul Jackson

Press photos

Photo by: Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Photo by: Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Photo by: Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Photo by: Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Photo by: Yvonne Langlois

Photo by: Yvonne Langlois

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