This band are a lot of fun on stage, they ooze energy which emanates out to their audiences at festivals and gigs, they have excellent song craft and musicianship, their stage craft is extremely polished and slick, for bands it can sometimes be hard to replicate what they do live and capture it for a recording, delightfully, The Durham County Poets have managed to bottle up all their magic on this album and when you press play, the genie is released in the form of ‘Hand Me Down Blues.’” - Great dark wander

Stevie Conner

The band is anchored by lead vocalist Kevin Harvey, who has to be one of Canada's most underrated blues singers ” - Mike Sadiva

Mike Sadiva, Penguin Eggs Sept-Oct 2017

"There's something about the Durham County Poets that leaves you feeling that everything might be OK in the world after all. There's a human spirit that lives in these people and their music is the medium that allows that spirit to roam free."

Bill Hurley, Extended Play Sessions

The Durham County Poets keep getting better and better. On Hand Me Down Blues, they zone in on the blues and, mixing original material with some excellent covers, have recorded one of the finest blues albums of the year.” - Mike Regenstreif

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