The band is anchored by lead vocalist Kevin Harvey, who has to be one of Canada's most underrated blues singers”

Mike Sadiva, Penguin Egss Sept-Oct 2017

The Durham County Poets are inventive in their taking musical roots and reshaping them. Soulful folk who make the listener pay attention. In my opinion, they deserve a wide audience. ”

— Spike Barkin

There's something about the Durham County Poets that leaves you feeling that everything might be OK in the world after all. There's a human spirit that lives in these people and their music is the medium that allows that spirit to roam free. ”

Bill Hurley, Extended Play Sessions

With more than five years of performing together, Durham County Poets have really gelled as a band and their songwriting – each of them contributes or collaborates – is stronger than ever.   Mike Regenstrief, Folk Roots/Folk Branches

For a band hailing from Quebec, Durham County Poets can certainly evoke the Deep South.  Frontman Kevin Harvey had the crowd in his palm from the outset, peppering in light-hearted stories and silly banter between songs. Harvey's voice had a homey, James Taylor-esque quality, but with a bit of an edge. Neil Cowley, Rochester Jazz Fest review, 2017

Durham County Poets are from the Chateauguay valley located in Quebec, Canada. Their influences are varied, from blues to folk, from jazz to gospel, with elements of the Band, James Taylor, Jimmy Reed, even some Leon Redbone. Each member brings a different musical background to the band that marries into a sound that has been labeled as soulful folk.

This group plays bluesy country/folk with a lot of verve. The lead singer sits in his wheelchair and just kills every vocal. The recording on “River” has mostly an ambient sound with very little reverb. It gives the listener a sense of sitting in a living room somewhere, listening to the band crank out one great tune after another.”

— Acoustic Live in New York City, album review

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